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Shocks & Sanitizers

Applied Biochemists® chlorine and shock swimming pool products help to keep pool water clean and clear.

Product-40631A AB 3in Tablets_50 lb

Applied Biochemists® 3” Tablets

Slow dissolving, 3” stabilized chlorinating tablets contain 90% available chlorine to effectively sanitize and maintain consistent chlorine levels.

  • When using 3” Tablets, shock treat at least once a week using Applied Biochemists® Power Blast 70 Granular
  • For best results, add tablets to a new, clean skimmer, floater or automatic feeder
  • Test the chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week and adjust as needed


Available sizes: 50 lbs.

Product-40697A_AB_Granular Chlorine_

Applied Biochemists® Granular Chlorine

This stabilized and concentrated formula contains 56% available chlorine. When used as directed, it effectively controls bacteria and algae.

  • Compatible with chlorine systems


Available sizes: 50 lbs.

Product-40715 Power Blast 70_25 lb

Applied Biochemists® Power Blast 70 Granular

Power Blast 70 Granular is a quick dissolving product that shocks, clarifies and oxidizes without adding cyanuric acid, effectively killing bacteria, controlling algae and destroying organic contaminants. Cal Hypo – no overstablization or chlorine lock.

  • Shock treat at least once a week
  • No need to pre-dissolve
  • Ensure pH is correct before shock treating your pool


Available sizes: 50 lbs.

Product-40694A AB_TripleActionTabs_50 lb

Applied Biochemists® Triple Action Chlorinating Tablets

Triple Action Chlorinating Tablets sanitize pool water, prevent algae and contain power crystals that clarify pool water. This innovative and patented technology is slow-dissolving for up to one week of chlorination. It can be used on all pool surfaces to produce sparkling clean swimming water.

  • Use in a floating dispenser, automatic chlorinator or feeder designed for this product, or place in skimmer
  • Make sure the skimmer is completely clean and free of residue from other water treatment products before using this product
  • When placed in the skimmer, run the filter pump for a minimum of eight hours daily
  • Add one tablet per 10,000 gallons of pool water every week or as often as needed to maintain a chlorine residual at 1-4 ppm


Available sizes: 50 lbs.